Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging



The the move to Electric Vehicles is an exciting part of the Governments Ten Point Plan for the Green Industrial Revolution which will ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2035!


Creative Energy Ltd are qualified, government endorsed and highly trained to supply and install EV chargers in a single installation at homes all the way up to large scale commercial installations to help a company transition to a zero emissions fleet. We pride ourselves in our seamless customer journey.

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Commercial EV Charging 



Domestic EV Charging



Creative Energy Ltd are OLEV approved meaning we can offer domestic customers up to £350 of eligible installation. The grant comes directly off your invoice leaving us to reclaim it. There are a number of steps to complete prior to installation including a remote survey, we will guide you through the process from start to finish ensuring it is as hassle free as possible.

Why choose Creative Energy to install your charging point over large companies reccommended to you by your dealership or car manufacturer?
"Standard Installation Price" pricing structure. 

Many large companies use a standard installation pricing structure, the price is low and appealing but is based on a number of conditions that most installations do not meet. Subsequently when the engineer is on site to carry out the installations extra unexpected costs can arise. At Creative Energy we carry out detailed surveys so we can quote a fixed price before we begin installation, therefore if there are any complications and additional costs with the installation you will know about it before we start. 

Long lead times for getting booked in which average at 2-3 months.

Due to the industry growing at such a pace large companies that are partnered with car dealerships and manufacturers have excessive lead times for installations along with poor customer communication. At Creative Energy we realise that getting your charger installed as quickly as possible is a priority therefore as soon as we have confirmation from the District Network Operator that we can install we get you booked for installation within 7 days. 

Sub standard work quality and charger aesthetics.

Due to the number of installations large companies are carrying out they have to subcontract the majority of the installation out to private installers, this affects quality control significantly. To add to this customers have little to no selection on which charger they would like, meaning that often beautiful houses are left with not the most beautiful charger on show! We offer a range of charging points to suit your requirements and all of our work is carried out by our in house team of electricians. 


Since our very first installation we have installed almost every make of EV charger on the market. We believe that testing new products is important, so as manufacturers introduce new chargers we make sure to put them through their paces in our testing rig. Because of this we have chosen three main manufacturers to work with, we feel they offer a combination of value for money whilst also leading the way in terms of safety and design. We are however not limited to these models so if you have another manufacturer you would like installed please feel free to get in contact.

Sync EV Smart Charger

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  • DC Leakage & PEN Fault Detection. No need for an earth rod or separate consumer unit.

  • Smallest charger on the market.

  • User friendly and packed with features.

  • Lockable device. 

  • Non-tethered only (socket only)

  • Affordable and reliable with a 3 year guarantee.


The smallest charger on the market with no compromise in technology and features.


Installed from only £735

(including OLEV grant and standard installation)



Myenergi Zappi

  • DC Leakage & PEN Fault Detection. No need for an earth rod or separate consumer unit.

  • Solar PV compatible. 

  • User friendly and packed with features.

  • Wireless data transmission available. 

  • Tethered & non-tethered models available. 

  • British made with 3 year guarantee. 


The king of communication with renewable generation including solar and wind, harnessing 100% of the excess generation. 

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Installed from only £935

(including OLEV grant and standard installation)





With its stunning design and robust build quality Hypervolt is a great choice for any installation. 

  • DC Leakage & PEN Fault Detection. No need for an earth rod or separate consumer unit.

  • Stunning design with customisable lighting features. 

  • Flawless app with inventive features.

  • Tethered models only.

  • 3 year guarantee with optional extension.

  • Available with a range of pre set cable lengths up to 10M.

Installed from only £775

(including OLEV grant and standard installation)



Ready to make the change?

Creative Energy Ltd are an OLEV official installer and are able to offer government grants of £350 per charging point (upto 40 charging points) for commercial and domestic installations. Only available until March 2022.





Commercial/ Industrial EV Charging



We carry out the full design and installation for
any commercial premises.

We work with a number of leading manufacturers which specialise in providing top quality, affordable and scalable units that will allow your network of chargers to expand as the demand for them increases.

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The process for commercial projects is more detailed and includes:
Detailed on site survey

For commercial projects a site visit is always necessary in order to gather the relevent information. A site survey gives us the opportunity to discuss the project in details, plan the technical aspect of the project and ascertain if the existing supply is adequate for the new installation. 

Consultation & Design

Having completed an on site survey we will develop a project plan for you which outlines options for the installation and pricing estimates. 

Detailed Estimate

Once we have heard back from you and discussed your project plan we are then able to finalise details and provide an estimate for the job. At this point we also contact the District Network Operator to discuss the sites existing capacity to determine whether any work will be required by them to supplement the EV charging installation.​



Government Endorsed


Fully Insured

Click on the icons to find out more about the relevant bodies.

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At Creative Energy Ltd we strive to maintain the highest standards of work on all our projects. That is why we choose to work with a number of government regulated bodies which regularly assess and regulate our workmanship and procedures. Not only does it provide our clients peace of mind but also allows us to access government grants for our clients.