Energy Management System

Energy Management

Investing in renewable energy is wise but what is often missed during the installation process is installing a system that can manage the energy production effectivey minimising waste. Lets look at some examples:

Image by Zbynek Burival

Energy Management with and exisintg Solar PV Installation.

Many existing solar systems installed before April 2019 are likely recieving what is called the Feed In Tarrif. This means for every kWH that is not used on site and exported they recieve payment from the governemet. The rates of payement began very high and have slowley decreased over the years it currently stands at 5p. 

The issue with this system is that the rate of py for export is significantly lower than the price to import. Therefore this means there is money to be made in avoiding export and using the electricity that otherwise would have been exported to reduce the amount of high price electircity that needs to be imported. 

In terms if deciding whether energy management is worth the investment for you it is a simple case of maths. There is no other benefit other than financials. 

At Creative Energy we have invested time to develop our own calculations which accurately estimate payback times and energy savings.

Increase Self Consumption rate from 20% to 70%

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