Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps, revolutionising heating.  

Having already been a successfully implemented heating system in other European countries for decades the UK is finally catching up. The government has introduced some ambitious targets for installations of heat pumps over the next 8 years including no longer supplying new build properties with mains gas from 2025.

So why heat pumps? Heat pumps are reliable and have an annual efficiency of up to 400%, meaning they output more energy in the form of heat than they draw in electricity
. They do this by extracting heat from the air or ground temperature, so they are both an efficient and cost effective way to heat a building and therefore an obvious replacement for current gas and electric boilers. The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive is currently available until March 2022 providing cash payments over 7 years for eligible installations, this is making a heat pump installation an even more attractive investment.  We deal with all the Grant Application paperwork making the change to renewable heating even easier! 

At Creative Energy Ltd, we realise that in order to make this transition to renewable heating a success educating customers is crucial. We want our customers to feel clear and confident in their decisions, that's why are passionate about sharing our knowledge and have introduced a free 30 minute telephone consultation so we can offer a personal and detailed service and answer questions giving you the knowledge of how you can benefit from a heat pump in your home.
We also offer free onsite surveys and our phone line is open 6 days a week for a friendly chat.

Switch from gas and oil fueled heating to a clean, renewable alternative.
By extracting heat from the ambient air or ground temperature you can reduce your running costs significantly. 
Take advantage of the generous government funded grants available. 
Switch to an un-vented hot water system improving flow and pressure and enabling instant hot water on demand.

air source
heat pumps

Air source heat pumps offer the best combination of affordability and adaptability whilst maintaining their efficiency. Where land space is limited air source heat pumps are a perfect solution as they can be situated on an external wall or flat roof. For new build projects pairing a heat pump installation with underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation heat recovery is the perfect combination. 

Ground source 
Heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps are a great option if the land space is available. Ground temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year compared to air temperatures. This means although the initial installation cost is greater ground source provides a greater long term efficiency which reduces running costs and this is coupled with increased grant payments. 


MCS Certification For Installers

Are you a heating engineer or plumber and either looking to venture into heat pumps or are starting to get enquiries you don't know what to do with? We can help. In order to install Heat Pump Systems and access government grants all installers must go through a rigorous, costly and time consuming process to gain MCS status. We can take the hassle out of the process by taking over the job for you and charging a fee for the design, commissioning & certification leaving you to do what you do best, install! 



Customers are eligible for 7 years worth of quarterly payments which

can total up to 80% of the installation cost of the heat pump. We take care of 

the whole application process for you!

Until March 2022 the government are funding the installation of Heat Pumps.
The combined installation of heat pumps, underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation heat recovery ~ perfect for new build projects.

MVHR minimises heat loss from the property whilst insuring the air coming
into the house is as clean as possible. We offer all these services in house. 

What are the benefits of Heat Pumps?

Reduce household running costs by up to 50%

Heat pumps have an efficiency of up to 400% meaning for every kW of electricity supplied to them they output up to 5kW of heat energy to the home. They do this by harnessing the temperature difference between the outside air/ground and the refrigerant within the unit. They maintain the required heat output even when temperatures fall below zero! 


Government Incentives

Currently the government fund the RHI scheme which pays a significant contribution towards the installation of a heat pump system, depending on the installation you could receive upwards of 80% of the cost which makes an already financially attractive option even more appealing.

Flexible Payment Planning

Request a free onsite survey

An onsite survey helps:

Asses the heating requirements of the property.

Enables accurate quotes to be generated

An opportunity to brainstorm ideas relating to the project.

Tape Measuring

The process for domestic installations.

Get in contact! - From your initial enquiry we can discuss your potential project and answer any questions you may have. 

Book in a free survey - The survey allows us to design your new heating system and generate an estimate for the work required. 

Finalise the details - Having confirmed you are happy with the estimated price we now work with you to finalise a number of details to provide you with a final quote including:
- Which heat pump you would like.
- Selecting new radiators if needed and their positions as it is likely for existing domestic properties with radiators that a number of existing radiators will require upgrading.


Carry out the work - Usually we complete domestic installations within 5 days.

Handover - Having successfully completed the installation we will sit down and discuss the installation in detail. We will provide you with the relevant warranty information and contact information. All of our installations include a free 3 year warranty and the heat pumps themselves come with 7 year warranties!



Government Endorsed


Fully Insured

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At Creative Energy Ltd we strive to maintain the highest standards of work on all our projects. That is why we choose to work with a number of government regulated bodies which regularly assess our workmanship and procedures. Not only does it provide our clients peace of mind but also allows us to access government grants for our clients.