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Renewable Heating & Ventilation


Creative Energy are specialists in the installation and commissioning of both air source and ground source heat pumps. We install reliable & efficient units and pride ourselves on our detailed pre-installation surveys. Many companies shy away from non standard installations but at Creative Energy we embrace these projects using our specialist training and experience to develop creative solutions. At Creative Energy we keep things simple for our customers by carrying out all the work in-house, including commissioning relevant plumbing work, which means customers need only one point of contact - us! 

Electric Vehicle Charging 

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 Creative Energy are experts in the EV Charging sector of the electric industry. We carry out installations in domestic and commercial premises from a single installation at a home to a large scale commercial installation to help a company transition to a zero emissions fleet. We utilise our in-house electrical services to sign off and certificate all of our projects. We highly value a smooth customer experience at Creative Energy and offer a personal and efficient service,  so before deciding to opt with a large installation company recommended by your dealership give us a call for a chat to see how we can help.

MCS Certification For Installers

Are you a heating engineer or plumber and either looking to venture into heat pumps or are starting to get enquiries you don't know what to do with? We can help. In order to install Heat Pump Systems and access government grants all installers must go through a rigorous, costly and time consuming process to gain MCS status. We can take the hassle out of the process by taking over the job for you and charging a fee for the design, commissioning & certification leaving you to do what you do best, install! 



We now have a team in North Wales! 

With a large proportion of households and commercial properties in North Wales not connected to gas mains, Creative Energy have decided to expand our services to North Wales to help as many residents transfer from gas to renewable energy as we can. The RHI grant is only available till March 2022 and can contribute up to 80% of the cost of the installation.

So far customers that have transitioned from LPG to Heat Pumps have saved £2000 a year.


Government Targets For Heat Pumps

The government have released some hefty targets for the renewable heating industry! They are aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2050!

- 600,000 heat pumps a year installed over the next 8 years.
- New builds built from 2025 will have no mains gas meaning heat pumps will be the likely alternative.


Government Endorsed


Fully Insured

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At Creative Energy Ltd we strive to maintain the highest standards of work on all our projects. That is why we choose to work with a number of government regulated bodies which regularly assess our workmanship and procedures. Not only does it provide our clients peace of mind but also allows us to access government grants like the GHG for our clients.