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Heat pumps really are revolutionary.

By leveraging the principles of thermodynamics, heat pumps efficiently extract heat from the environment (air, ground, or water) and distribute it to your desired space. With a proven track record of over 20 years worldwide, heat pumps are revolutionising home heating. Don't be swayed by misconceptions and myths on the internet. Visit our education page and watch our myth-busting video to dispel the misinformation surrounding heat pumps.
Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) work by circulating a fluid through underground pipes called a ground loop. The fluid absorbs heat from the ground, which remains at a relatively stable temperature. Inside the heat pump unit, the heat is extracted, upgraded, and distributed throughout the building for heating or cooling. GSHPs offer efficient and sustainable heating, cooling, and hot water generation by harnessing the ground's consistent temperature. Over an average year a ground source heat pump will be around 450% efficient meaning that for every unit of electricity uses it supplies 4.5 units of heat!
To learn more about ground source heat pumps visit our education page.

- GSHPs are more efficient than air source, especially in colder climates.
- GSHPs have a longer lifespan due to there being less moving parts and the key components being sited indoors.
- GSHPs operate more quietly, they are housed inside just like a traditional boiler.
- GSHPs don't require an outdoor unit, enhancing aesthetics.


- Land space is requires in order to install the system.
- Installation cost is significantly higher than air source.
- Stock is not as abundant in the market meaning lead times can be greater.
- Installation time is greater than air source.
- There is significant disruption to the land space in question.

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) extract heat from the ambient air and use it for heating or cooling purposes. They consist of an outdoor unit that collects heat from the air, which is then compressed and distributed inside the building. ASHPs can provide both heating and cooling functions, making them versatile and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating and cooling systems. Over an average year an air source heat pump will be around 350% efficient meaning that for every unit of electricity uses it supplies 3.5 units of heat!
To learn more about heat pumps visit our education page.

- Reduced installation cost compare to ground source heat pumps.
- Minimal disruption during installation.
- Very good stock availability meaning short lead times for installation.


- Generates more noise than a ground source heat pump.
- Shorter lifespan as outdoor moving parts susceptible to rust and external pressures.
- Greater maintinence requirements compared to ground source heat pumps.

Are you off the gas grid?

Being off the gas grid has multiple disadvantages. If you are off the gas grid and relying on LPG or Oil for your heating you will know them too well! Switching to a heat pump driven heating system will instantly save you at least 30% on your running costs (this is factual based on real life data!) and you will never have to worry about replacing your LPG bottles or refilling your oil tank.

3 key benefits
  • Save upto 50% on running costs
  • No more need to replace LPG bottles or fill up with oil
  • Enjoy clean efficient heating all year round.

Sunamp & Air source heat pump package Prices starting at £4,999 after government grant.

With years of experience, we've installed a variety of heat pump products, mastering the art of seamless installation. Our focus is on selecting efficient, long-lasting products with manufacturer-backed warranties. Choosing Sunamp Heat Batteries allows us to fit solutions into tight spaces, maximizing your home's space for enjoyment. Unlike larger companies with fixed packages, we have access to a diverse range of products, enabling us to create custom installations for our clients.

3 key benefits
  • Compact and efficient https://sunamp.com
  • Versatile solutions for retrofits
  • 2 day installations available

Did you know we offer other bespoke solutions to compliment your heating system?

MVHR and Underfloor heating are just two of the additional services we offer to compliment your heat pump and take your heating system to the next level.

3 key benefits of MVHR & Underfloor Heating
  • Increase your homes efficiency
  • Provides the home with increased comfort
  • Bespoke smart controls

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Some example projects....

Project 1

Stiebel Eltron Air Source Heat Pump Installation- South London 5 Bedroom House

The project was a self build. The client approached us as they were looking for a sustainable and efficient heating system for their new house.

We installed a 14kW single fan Stiebel Eltron heat pump to heat this property through underfloor heating system. The system has been running efficiently for over 14 moths and the client is very happy.

- Installation cost £21,000

Project 2

Ecoforest Ground Source Heat Pump Installation - Buckinghamshire

The client was referred to us by Ecoforest in order for us to investigate his existing heat pump system. Upon investigation the existing system was poorly installed and undersized.

We ripped out the existing system completely and installed a brand new horizontal loop system in one of the clients fields. The system has been running for over a year at an impressive efficiency of 530%, this is over 5x more efficient than an equivalent gas boiler!

- Installation cost £40,000


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