We install renewables across a range of business premise but specialise in three main catagories.

#1 Leisure and education

Why are leasure and education facilities such great candidates for renewables?

Leisure facilities inherently stand out as excellent prospects for renewable energy integration. Whether it's a sports club, spa, gym, or caravan park, these venues share key attributes that make renewables a highly rewarding investment. With a predominant focus on daytime energy consumption and often boasting expansive roof spaces, solar solutions prove very effective.  Additionally transitioning to a renewable heating system not only slashes the carbon footprint of the buildings by over 70% but also leads to substantial reductions in operational costs.

  • Daytime focussed electricity usage when solar generation is at its highest.
  • Large roof space available.
  • High general electricity demand which means the majority of the solar generation can be used in house and not sent back to the grid.

#2 Refrigerated warehouses

Why do refridgerated warehouses benefit so much from Solar PV?

  • The extensive use of electrically driven cooling systems means consumption is very high.
  • Daytime and summer focussed electricity demand when Solar PV generation is at its highest!
  • Large metal clad roofs allow for large cost effective Solar PV installation.

Refrigerated warehouses boast one of the most consistently high electricity demands among all buildings. This characteristic makes them particularly well-suited for a Solar PV solution. Unlike many other structures that experience peak electricity demand during winter nights, refrigerated warehouses concentrate their electricity needs during the hot summer months in daylight hours. Notably, this aligns perfectly with the peak generation period of Solar PV, maximizing the efficiency of the system. Furthermore, warehouse roofs present the most convenient and cost-effective installation surfaces for solar panels.

#3 Solar PV/EV Package For Offices

Transform your offices into a renewable hub.

Our Solar PV/EV packages focus on ensuring your offices run on pure solar throughout the year. We pair our solar solutions with both battery storage and EV charging. These technologies ensure you utilise your solar generation in house and reduce wasted export to the gird. We also enable businesses to charge staff and visitors to charge their EV’s using our partnered back end system.

  • Daytime focussed electricity consumption during office hours.
  • Large roof space available.
  • Office building are good candidates for renewable heating/cooling.

Excess Solar Storage Solutions

Our battery storage solutions are designed to empower your business in harnessing surplus solar energy, ensuring that your commercial space operates seamlessly on pure sunshine!

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