Generate revenue from your charging points!

Fuuse is revolutionizing the way EV chargers are managed and monetized. At its core, Fuuse is a comprehensive and flexible EV charge point management platform.

Fuuse is more than just a charge point management system. It's a revenue generation tool that brings together accessibility, management ease, data-driven insights, and scalability, all under one roof. With Fuuse, operators can transform their EV charging points into profitable assets, tapping into the growing demand for public EV charging facilities.

  • Charge staff for usage
  • Allow your charging points to be on public maps
  • Vary charging rates for different users

With Pod Point's Commercial Charging solution you can...

Increase revenue and foot fall.

Transform your location into a regular destination for electric vehicle drivers by incorporating charging stations for EVs. add your location to a network map so the public can see your chargers.

Evolve your business in line with EV adoption.

Expand your charging infrastructure from a single charge point to thousands.

Create a loyal customer base.

Customers are more likely to return to your business if they can charge during their visit.

Make data driven decisions with chargepoint usage insights.

Understand customer charging behaviour and adapt your offering to service it by utilising our partnered back end system.

Utilise our back end system to generate revenue.

Our back end system allows you to charge users for their charging. By charging over your cost price you can generate regular passive income.

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