How does a renewable home work?

Creative Energy Ltd transforms homes with cutting-edge renewable tech. Our in depth site surveys are supported by our energy diagram to help customers visualise our proposed solution. We don't just install; we empower for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Energy Generation

Energy generators are bits of kit that generate electricity from a renewable resource such as wind or solar power.  

Solar Panels

Static Loads

Within the building, we have what we refer to as static loads. These are essential devices that are in constant use throughout the day, such as ovens, lights or heat pumps. Unlike smart devices, static loads do not possess any intelligent features. They simply draw the necessary electricity whenever it is required.

Heat Pump

Dynamic Loads

After the static loads have utilised the electricity generated from the solar system, any surplus energy is seamlessly redirected to power the dynamic loads. These advanced devices actively monitor the building's electricity import and export. When an excess of solar generation occurs, the dynamic loads intelligently adjust their consumption, precisely utilising the surplus electricity. By doing so, they effectively prevent any unnecessary energy from being sent back to the grid.

Hot Water Cylinder
Battery Storage
EV Charger

Why choose our Creative Package?

We understand the renewables industry can feel complex and overwhelming. Ordinarily you would need to hire multiple companies to install a full renewables package, they won’t communicate between themselves so why would the technologies. Furthermore this massively reduces the productivity of your renewable home.

We take away the stress from finding multiple reputable contractors by offering our Creative Package,  with a dedicated project manager overseeing the entire installation from survey to handover.

One Point of Contact
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Ongoing Support

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Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your options. We will ask some basic questions to ensure you would be suited to our solutions. Whether that be regarding your budget or whether your property is suited to renewables.

Free onsite consultation

Many companies will carry out a remote survey, we always carry out a detailed a site visit. Along with taking note of all the technical aspects of your property this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions. This is where your renewable journey begins!


Following your survey you will receive an estimate for your project. If you are on board with the price point then we charge £350 + vat to carry out an in depth proposal which includes an on site heat loss survey. This fee is refunded if you proceed.


If you choose to go ahead with the installation we will book it in at a time convenient for you. Leave the rest to us and your renewable system will be up and running before you know it.

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At Creative Energy Ltd we take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your new renewable system!

DNO application
Post installation support

A Few Example Projects....

Look out for our open days in which we allow prospective clients to visit previous projects and see a renewable home in action!

Project 1

4 bedroom country home in Buckinghamshire with significant land space and a barn roof available.

We were called out to investigate some issues with a poorly installed existing ground source heat pump. The system was not heating the property effectively as the ground loops were undersized.

We installed 19kW of solar PV, 60kWH of battery storage and a 20kW Ecoforest ground source heat pump along with complete heating control.

Running costs have reduced from around £900 per month to £50 per month (95% reduction).

This is a perfect property for a large system like this which will enable the client to be completely energy independent most of the year. It doesn’t come cheap though, the client invested over £100,000 in this project however all technologies are eligible for 0% VAT.

Project 2

2 bedroom country home in Anglesey with land space and roof space available on a number of small sheds.

The system before was an efficient oil fuelled boiler with radiators throughout the property. The oil tank was situated next to the house and was refilled by a tanker every 5 months.

We installed a ground source heat pump with solar on each shed roof totalling 3.6kW along with 20kWH of battery storage. We moved the heating system to a custom built plant room 40m from the house. We also installed an off grid backup system at this property as power cuts are a regular occurrence.

The customer has had their oil tank removed and running costs have reduced from around £300 per month to £90 per month (70% reduction).

The total system cost was £48000.

Job 3

6 bedroom 500 square meter home in the suburbs of London.

This project was for a client that had recently purchased a large detached house. Like many high end properties the plan was to refurbish and extend. We came on board initially to offer advice however as is often the case we ended up proposing a full renewables package.

We installed an 8kW Solar PV array on the flat roof of the extension. We utilised an Esdec mounting system to ensure the system looks a sleek as possible whilst maximising the space on the flat roof. We installed an underfloor heating system powered by a top of the range Ecoforest heat pump for all 500 square meters of the home,. This now keeps every room upto temperature with a lovely warm floor and no radiators taking up wall space! Due to the underfloor heating, the system is running an impressive 500% efficiency. In order to utilise off peak tariffs and store the excess solar energy we installed 35kWh of Giv Energy battery storage.

The running costs have reduced from around £600 month to £100 on average.

The system total cost was: £79,000


I am refurbishing my property, can I use my own on site electricians and plumbers or do CreativeEnergy Ltd need to install the complete system?

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